The Challenge


1. Do not buy plastICK

2. Do not take plastICK freebies

Our Program





Daily content

Daily emails throughout the month with tips, tricks, stats and studies to keep participants informed and motivated.



A growing database of vetted, curated vendors and products we recommend to our community, in addition to our own DIY recipes and events.



A community of over 5,000 people whom we engage with via our monthly challenge, newsletters, social media and events.

Alejandro Durán—Brotes (Shoots), 2014

What to Expect // The Fine Print

  • Daily emails throughout the month will tell you more about how to get started and help keep you on track
  • Don’t think you need to rid your entire life of plastICK immediately. If you already own it, keep and use it. We want to prevent waste and do not encourage purging all plastICK immediately. We’re looking long-term here.

  • We encourage you to be smart and use your own judgement when it comes to certain plastICKs. If you need that medication that comes in a plastICK bottle, by all means do what you gotta do.

The Objectives

  • Reduce (new) consumption
  • Reuse creatively
  • Recycle properly 

Shop consciously and find permanent plastick-free alternatives. 

Joyce Wang,

Take the Challenge

You’ve read the rules, learned the facts, and have your objectives. We’ve got your back for the next 30 days, so what are you waiting for?

The Impact

pounds of plastICK thrown away by the average person per month

estimated pounds of plastICK avoided to date by Project PlastICK participants