Every bit of plastic ever made still exists somewhere

Challenge yourself to 30 days plastICK-free

It’s simple. It’s f’ing hard

But we’re here to help.

plastICK bags are used per minute worldwide


of the ocean surface area is covered in plastICK trash


of the world’s plastICK is not recycled

years (minimum) for certain plastICKs to break down

days PlastICK Free

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The What

Welcome to a bold new way of standing up to the excessive plastICK consumption and pollution that’s overwhelming our earth and infiltrating our bodies (ick). Together, we spend a month plastICK-free to tune in to our surroundings, scrutinize habits, shift assumptions, and explore creative alternatives.

Consumer demand is powerful. You are powerful.

The Why

The Project PlastICK challenge exisits to raise awareness, rethink our relationship with waste, and empower our friends to make lasting choices that heal planet and people.

Blue State Digital for ourhands.org

Here’s the Buzz